Huawei P20 release date, price, news and leaks


Update: We now have a good idea of what the Huawei P20, Huawei P20 Pro and Huawei P20 Lite might cost, and what they might look like. A hands-on video has also emerged of the P20 Lite.

The Huawei P20 is set to be the next flagship smartphone from the Chinese firm, following on from the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro which arrived towards the end of 2017.

It won't replace the Mate duo though, rather it will be the next iteration of the Huawei P10, which has a smaller form factor and will likely slide in to the price bracket below the Mate 10 and 10 Pro.

While a lot of the rumors and leaks surrounding the phone have called it the Huawei P11, we've now seen confirmation that it will actually be called the Huawei P20.

We're expecting the phone to launch soon, likely alongside a P20 Pro and P20 Lite, but until then, we've collated everything you need to know from the latest leaks and rumors to what we want to see from the handset, right here.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? Huawei's next flagship phone
  • When is it out? Tipped to land on March 27
  • What will it cost? Possibly around $840/£605/AU$1,080

Huawei P20 release date

The Huawei P20 is likely to be announced an March 27, as TechRadar has received an invitation for an event on that date, though the P20 isn't mentioned by name.

We've also heard reports that came out of Huawei's Christmas event in Germany, where WinFuture says it was told by representatives that we'll see the new P11 flagship during the first quarter of 2018.

Another report out of Korea suggests the Huawei P20 launch could happen as late as April, but we're not convinced by this.

Huawei P20 price

In terms of price, the one rumor so far puts the Huawei P20 at 679 euros (around $840/£605/AU$1,080), the Huawei P20 Pro at 899 euros (roughly $1,110/£800/AU$1,430) and the Huawei P20 Lite at 369 euros (around $455/£330/AU$585).

The Huawei P10 costs around £570 (roughly $710/AU$945), so if these prices are accurate then the new phones could be a bit more expensive.

We've also previously seen the P20 Lite's price leaked and it lines up with the rumor above, so this could well be accurate.

Watch the video below to see what has changed on the Huawei P10

Huawei P20 name

As Huawei's next flagship follows on from the Huawei P10 it's logical to assume that it would be called the Huawei P11, but it's now been confirmed that it will actually be called the Huawei P20.

The Huawei P20 Pro has also been confirmed, and it's widely rumored that we'll see a Huawei P20 Lite too.

Huawei P20 design and display

Huawei P20

Is this the Huawei P20?

Hottest leaks:

  • iPhone X-style screen 'notch' 
  • Almost bezel-less premium design

One image of the Huawei P20 comes from reputable leaker Evan Blass, and shows it sporting a notch in the screen and a dual-lens camera on the back, along with a surprisingly large bezel (and seemingly a fingerprint scanner) below the screen.

The same leaker also shared a shot of the Huawei P20 Lite, which seems to sport a similar design, but with the fingerprint scanner moved to the back. The P20 Lite apparently has a 5.6-inch 1080 x 2250 screen, but no details were provided for the standard P20.

Since then we've seen some better-looking shots of the Huawei P20 phones leak out: these press renders seem to confirm three cameras on the back of the P20 Pro and a cool-looking new "twilight" color.

And if you want a proper close-up look at the Huawei P20 Lite, take a look at this hands-on video of a unit in an Italian retail store.

Image 1 of 2

This could be the Huawei P20. Credit: Evan Blass
Image 2 of 2

This could be the Huawei P20 Lite. Credit: Evan Blass

With these now out in the wild, we can probably dismiss previous leaks, such as the pictures below, which show the camera in a different orientation and no obvious fingerprint scanner.

Image 1 of 7

Image 2 of 7

Image 3 of 7

Image 4 of 7

Image 5 of 7

Image 6 of 7

Image 7 of 7

Another clear look at the possible Huawei P20 (or likely P20 Pro) design is a case render showing the phone packing a three-lens camera.

The could be the Huawei P20 in a case. Credit: SlashLeaks

We've also seen a series of renders, showing the phone with what's likely a glass back and a metal frame.

You can see that there are tiny bezels above and below the edge-to-edge display, with a home button in the bottom bezel, while around the back there's a camera with three lenses.

Image 1 of 5

This could be our first real look at the Huawei P20. Credit: Weibo/TechnoCodex
Image 2 of 5

The Huawei P20 looks to have tiny bezels. Credit: Weibo/TechnoCodex
Image 3 of 5

There's a tiny home button or fingerprint scanner beneath the screen.Credit: Weibo/TechnoCodex
Image 4 of 5

The Huawei P20 is rumored to have three cameras on the rear. Credit: Weibo/TechnoCodex
Image 5 of 5

It's unknown what resolution the Huawei P20's screen will be. Credit: Weibo/TechnoCodex

The camera layout here is different to the case render above, but the images look a lot like - and may well be based on - an earlier sketch of the phone, which also shows tiny bezels, a fingerprint scanner below the screen and three cameras on the back.

The same Weibo source also shared images apparently showing the Huawei P20 Plus, which sports a similar design but vertical rather than horizontal cameras, and of the Huawei P20 Pro, which has a notch above the screen, moves the fingerprint scanner to the back and moves the cameras to the middle.

However, these images could easily have been faked, so we wouldn't count on their accuracy - or the phone being called the Huawei P20.

Image 1 of 3

Will the Huawei P11 actually be called the Huawei P20? Credit: Weibo
Image 2 of 3

A Huawei P20 Plus could also arrive according to these images. Credit: Weibo
Image 3 of 3

The Huawei P20 Pro could have an iPhone X-like notch. Credit: Weibo

We've also seen newer renders supposedly showing the Huawei P20 Plus, this time with a notch above the screen (absent in the image above) and three cameras vertically running along one edge.

The renders came accompanied by dimensions, claiming the phone will have a roughly 6-inch screen and be around 155.3 x 74.2 x 7.7mm (rising to 9.8mm at the camera bump).

And we've also seen a leaked image of a notch-laden Huawei Phone, which could be the P20, P20 Plus or P20 Pro, though notably only has two camera lenses.

This could be Huawei's next flagship. Credit: SlashLeaks

This somewhat lines up with other leaks, such as one from XDA Developers, which was provided with firmware files that suggest the P20 will have an almost bezel-less design with a notch at the top of the screen that will look similar to the iPhone X.

The cutout at the top of the Huawei P20 screen is referenced as a 'notch' within the system build and an example of how it's set to look suggests it may just house the front-facing camera.

This is an example of what the notch may look like, provided by XDA Developers

There's also word from that source which suggests the Huawei P20 will ship with a 4K display. That's unlikely considering Huawei has continued to use Full HD panels in its phones up until now, but it would be interesting to see the company make a device to keep pace with the Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Huawei P20 colors will likely be limited too with the only source we've seen so far referring to both a ceramic black and twilight version of the phone. We may see further colors at the announcement though.

It's worth noting that the assortment of P20 leaks we've seen is a little confusing, as while many of the same elements keep appearing, such as a notch and a triple-lens camera, they're not always present in the same combination.

Some leaks just have two lenses, some lack a notch, some position the camera differently, and even accounting for the likely three variations of the P20 that will launch there seem to be too many different combinations appearing, suggesting that some of these leaks are wrong or based on prototypes which may never see the light of day.

Huawei P20 Face ID

Hottest leaks:

  • Face unlock that's better than Apple's Face ID

The iPhone X made a splash in 2017 for a number of reasons, and one of those was the introduction of Face ID. Apple ditched the Touch ID fingerprint scanner in favor of a facing-scanning system - and Huawei is tipped to follow suit.

A report from Notebook Italia suggests the upcoming device may have its own Face ID-style unlocking technology that takes inspiration from Apple's TrueDepth sensors and possibly improves on them.

Huawei P20 camera

Hottest leaks:

  • Rear camera could be as high as 40MP
  • Likely to made in partnership with Lecia again
  • Could have three rear lenses

The latest information on the Huawei P20's camera comes from Huawei itself, which in an event invite has hinted at there being three lenses, with the use of three circles.

The invite also hints that the camera will use AI, perhaps giving it additional processing power. That could be a big feature of the camera, as AI of some kind has since been teased again.

Elsewhere, we've heard that the Lecia partnership is set to continue and there will be some big changes to both the front and rear snappers.

Images from a digital artist that works with Huawei - and spotted by Evleaks - suggest the phone is set to come with 3 lenses on the rear camera for the first time and one of those may be as high as 40MP. That also looks like it will be capable of 5x hybrid zoom.

The leak also suggests the front camera will be a 24MP sensor, which would be a big upgrade over the 8MP one on the Huawei P10.

We've since seen leaked sketches (above) which also point to a trio of camera lenses on the phone.

The Huawei P20 Lite meanwhile is rumored to have a 16MP dual-lens camera with hybrid zoom capabilites.

Huawei P20 photos

Huawei P20 photos

Would you like to see some photo samples from the upcoming Huawei P20? Of course you would, so check out the snaps above, which have recently trickled out online. Looks like the camera will once again be the focus (ho ho ho) of attention when the P20 gets unveiled.

Huawei P20 power

Hottest leaks:

  • Latest Kirin 970 chipset
  • 8GB of RAM

One report from China previously suggested the P11 will ship with the latest Kirin 970 chipset, which features inside both the Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro.

Usually Huawei debuts the new chipset tech on the Mate line and brings it to the P device later, so we expect that to happen again for the Huawei P11.

The same source also suggests the phone will ship with 8GB of RAM onboard, in a similar move to this year's OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T. We are constantly updating this piece on the latest Huawei P11 rumors, so be sure to check back for more soon.

We've also heard some rumors about the Huawei P20 Lite, which will apparently have a mid-range Kirin 659 chipset, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage and a 3,520mAh battery.

One disappointment to brace yourself for: Huawei might be ditching the microSD card on the P20 and P20 Pro models.

Huawei P20: what we want to see

Although rumors and leaks are thin on the ground at the moment, we've put together a list of the things we'd like to see Huawei improved for the 20. Here's everything we have our fingers crossed to see on the Huawei P20.

1. A voice assistant

The Huawei P10 didn't come with an easy to use voice assistant. Amazon Alexa is available on the Huawei Mate 9 in the US, but not on the P10, and currently Google Assistant isn't available for the Huawei P10 either.

The lack of Google Assistant is a shame, but Huawei is aiming to get Google's helper onto the phone at a later date. We hope Huawei settles on what voice assistant should be used on the Huawei P11, and that it launches with one on day one.

2. Better battery life

One of our main criticisms of the Huawei P10 was the poor battery life. 

We found it to be a touch worse than the Huawei P9 that went before it, so we hope that Huawei puts a lot of effort in to increase the battery life on the Huawei P11.

3. A better USP

Perhaps the biggest problem with the Huawei P10 was the lack of a big selling point. There's no particular reason to buy this phone - it's just all round a good handset, and we'd like to see an improved USP ready for the P11.

What exactly that should be, we're not entirely certain. Hopefully Huawei has something up its sleeve to help tackle the big selling features that other companies such as Samsung and Apple offer.

4. Lower price

Huawei has been steadily increasing its prices for the past few years and the P10 is one of the most expensive phones the company has made.

We hope that for the Huawei P11 the company decides to drop the price down a little, to make it a more appetizing buy compared to the other flagship devices on the market.

5. Google Daydream support

The Huawei P10 doesn't work with a virtual reality headset, so we hope the next phone from Huawei will be a part of Google's Daydream program and connect with the Google Daydream View headset.

Huawei has previously confirmed it's working on a virtual reality headset too, but there's been no official announcement so far on where the headset is in production.

6. A US release

That's a pretty simple one, but it's a big shame the Huawei P10 never officially launched in the US and we'd like to see that be a priority for the P11. We know there are many people in the US looking forward to using a Huawei phone, so why not supply the flagship to them?